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Life in Prison Chapter 1-4

Mrs. Kim

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1.death row inmates may only use the phone on this
5.place where inmates in the main prison eat
7.cofounder of this particular gang
9.this is what happens if a fight breaks out in the yard
10.name of book
11.type of book, Life in Prison is called
12.Word that refers to being tormented by lack of space, like a dog
13.required to have volume swith disconnected as they entered prison refers to what rule
14.this is one thing all inmates are expected to do
16.Tookie compared prison life to this
18.name of prison
19.told stories of how great it is to be in prison
20.Tookie fights stir-crazy by doing this
22.Tookie's sentencing
23.this area is used for Tookie to study, write, draw, or exercise
24.this is the only way an inmate can hear television or radio
25.An event happened in 1989 that caused Tookie's claustrophobia to increase even more
26.once you are here, one must stay until 1:00 p.m.
1.inmates can worship in this building only once a month
2.nick name of main character
3.Tookie's partner who helped originate the gang
4.Due to lonliness, this person wrote poems and tried to recite them to a nurse
6.prisoners who are stir crazy and in need of mental health
8.Tookie did this to maintain his muscular body
13.some people give up on this because they are on death row and don't care anymore
15.federal prisons don't allow inmates to have these in cells
17.name of state the gang originated in
21.specific crime Tookie was found guilty of committing

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