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The Watsons

Christopher Paul Curtis

1 2 3
4 5            
  7 8                    
  14   15    
17                 18    
      19             20

5.something well done
8.to get beat up
9.to follow or imitate
10.the loud noise produced by a vehicle, usually an aircraft, when it travels faster than a speed of sound and breaks the sound barrier
12.extending throughout
16.the state of being older or higher in standing
17.on time
18.to criticize someone or something harshly
19.to produce or create something
21.a person who does hard or boring work for little or nothing in return
23.to copy or mimic someone or something
1.an offensive term used to describe a class of poor white people in parts of the southeastern United States
2.if you hear information through the grapevine, you hear it unofficially or as a rumor
3.prejudice or unjust behavior to other based on differences in age, race, or gender
4.to talk fast, confused, or foolish way that is hard to understand
6.a negative term used or a person from a backwoods area, especially from the mountains or from the southern United State
7.a rough, violent person
11.to separate or keep people or things apart
13.to enter someone's private property without permission
14.to refuse to buy something or to take apart in something as a way of making a protest
15.cross-eyed or having an eye that squints or slants
20.a smart person
22.a long search in order to find something

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