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Waves Carry Energy

Read the clues and fill in the vocabulary words.

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4                       5
10                     11

1.The distance from one wave crest to the next wave crest.
3.The area where the coils pull apart, or spread out is called a ________________.
4.A wave that vibrates back and forth (push and pull) in the same direction as it's direction of travel
6.The top of the wave.
7.The area where the spring coils push close together
8.What type of toy can you use to demonstrate a longitudinal wave.
10.Waves that move through matter, such as water waves on a lake and sound waves thought the air.
12.A _________ can be used to demonstrate a transverse wave.
14.Electromagnetic waves differ in ______________ and wavelength.
15.This type of wave is an example of longitudinal.
2.Tis type of wave contains both an electrical field and a magnetic field
5.A wave that vibrates at right angles to the direction in which the wave is traveling.
9.The height of the crest or the depth of the trough of the wave measured from the undisturbed surface.
11.The electromagnetic _____________ these type of waves form a continuous band of waves.
13.The bottom of the wave

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