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ENG 120 Logic & Contemporary

EunJoong Ethan Kim

Full semester review of ENG 120 course.

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2.Theory that is without scientific foundation. (2 Words)
5.Fallacy that argues that a slope is slippery without providing good reasons for thinking that it is. (2 Words)
7.Use of a term in a passage to mean one thing in one place and something else in another.
9.Accepting an argument on the basis of relevant but insufficient information or evidence. (2 Words)
12.Owns or controls the Turner Broadcasting System, HBO, Little Brown and Company. (2 Words)
13.An attack on one's opponent rather than one's opponent's argument. (2 Words)
14.Mistaking a token gesture for the real thing, or accepting a token gesture in lieu of something more substantive.
1.Fallaciously reasoning from a sample that is insufficiently representative of the population from which it is drawn. (2 Words)
3.consciously believing what at a deeper level we know to be dubious. (2 Words)
4.The most common form of self-deception start with "R"
5.A conventional oversimplification, often negative, of characteristics that describe a specific group of people.
6.believing what we would like to be true, no matter what the evidence (2 Words)
8.An irrational belief, based on biased evidence or on small or unrepresentative samples, that ignores logical evidence to the contrary.
10.A fallacious form of reasoning in which an opponent's position, or a competitor's product, is misrepresented or a weaker opponent is attacked rather than stronger ones. (2 Words)
11.involves some suppression, but instead of replacing the stressful thoughts with more benign ones, we change our interpretation of the situation to perceive it as less threatening.

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