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Analysis of Allogenicity of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Engraftment and Wound Healing in Mice

Jennifer Huang

5             6  

4.Scientists concluded that these two cell types did not evoke a significantly increased immune response compared to syngeneic and therefore can be safely used in transplantations
5.Scientists found that this experimental group had the most immune cells throughout the wound-healing process
7.These types of cells were derived from genetically identical or similar mice, so that theoretically transplantation would not evoke an immune response
8.The control cells used to compare the effects of the stem cells on wound-healing; derived from connective tissue
1.This biotechnique was used to sort cells and measure the percentages of cells positive for GFP or immune cell markers (2 Words)
2.The experimental control in which the wound was not treated with anything
3.These types of cells were derived from mice of the same species but different strains BM-MSC/Name of the type of stem cell the scientists studied that helped in wound-healing
6.Allo-MSCs had _____ into the entire wound whereas allo-FB were confined to the injection site surrounded by immune cells
7.They used a donut-shaped _____ as part of their wound healing model to center the wound and determine how much the wound closed over a period of time

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