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1.Government controls the Economy and the Colonies are used to benefit the Mother Country.
7.Movement in the 1500's to reform the Church which caused the create=ion of many Protestant religions.
9.Period after the Middle Ages.
14.King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella married to unify Spain and kick the Muslims out.
15.Catholic response to the Reformation, it attempted to end the Church abusing its power.
18.Powerful Italian renaissance families.
19.After arguing with the Pope over his marriage, he passed the Act of Supremacy making him the head of the English church.
20.Reformation leader who posted the 95 thesis on the Cathedral door in Wittenberg.
2.Resulting from the Age Of Exploration, trade increased tremendously acrossEurope which contributed to banking and Capitalism.
3.The period during the 15th & 16th centuries when Europe began to explore the world to find a new water route to India.
4.Beginning of Capitalism.
5.Several share the risk, and possibly the profit, by investing in a company.
6.Worlds greatest English writer.
8.Henry VIII's daughter, best ruler England has ever had, made England entirely Protestant.
10.One hereditary ruler with absolute power.
11.Inventor of the moveable printing press in Europe.
12.Reformation leader who preached predestination, which is the belief that God had already chosen if you where going to heaven or hell; this lead to the Protestant Work Ethic.
13.A true Renaissance man.
16.Modernized Russia and built St. Petersburg.
17.The Sun King, best example of an absolutist leader, built the Palace Of Versalles

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