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Energy Resources C26 ES 2

Skylar S

Energy Resource C26 ES 2


1.light, spongy, organic fossil fuel derived from moss and other bog plants.
3.biomass fuel that is a mixture of gasoline and ethanol that can be used in conventional gasoline engines.
4.production of two unusable forms of energy at the same time from the same process, which can conserve resources and generate income.
5.material burned to provide power and heat such as wood, peat and coal.
7.involves global management of Earth's natural resources to ensure that current and future energy needs will be met without harming the environment.
1.thin, transparent wafers made up of layers of boron and phosphorus enriched silicon.
2.type of conservation in which energy resources are used in the most productive ways.
3.energy produced from Earth's own internal steam and hot water.
5.nonrenewable energy resource formed over geologic time from the compression and partial decomposition of organisms that lived millions of years ago.
6.biomass fuel that is a mixture of gases, primarily methane, produced when plant and animal wastes are acted on by anaerobic bacteria in a digester.

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