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Tyler's Science Vocab Crossword Puzzle

Tyler Hoover

1 2       3
6     7              

2.an animal hunted or seized for food
4.a path of energy and matter in a community (2 Words)
7.a combination of all the food chains in a community (2 Words)
8.the green coloring matter found mainly in the chloroplasts of plants that absorbs energy from sunlight to produce carbohydrates from carbon dioxide and water during photosynthesis
11.all the living and nonliving parts in an area
12.an organism that uses sunlight to make sugar from water and carbon dioxide
1.the process by which a living organism uses food
2.the process by which plants use sunlight to make sugar from water and carbon dioxide
3.an organism that consumes other organisms for food
5.resources used to produce power
6.an organism that helps to break down and decay dead organisms and the wastes of living organisms
9.any organism that exists by preying upon other organisms
10.the place where a species lives

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