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Nick`s Science Crossword

Nick Jackson

This is a crossword puzzle about the mixtures and substances of matter. This uses different words that help to explain types of matter.

1 2 3
6                   7                
    8 9          
    10 11              

4.Any Solid,liquid or gas that only contains a particle throughout.
6.A mixture that is the same throughout all the samples taken.
8.This is a liquid that falls from the sky.
11.A substance that is dissolved in a solute to make a solution.
13.A substance that is dissolved in a solvent to make a solution
14.unproceeded material of any kind
15.Any substance that contains at a least two pure substances
1.A heterogenous mixture in a mechanical mixture a least 2 or more are visible
2.A theory used to explain matter and heat transfer.
3.an un even mixture that contains 2 or more substances
5.A homogeneous mixture made of a solvent.
7.A hard solid that is used to construct bridges and buildings.
9.A gas that is used to help us survive and live.
10.Something that melts or dissolves.
12.A solid and a liquid found in the ocean.

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