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Excel Vocabulary

Cami Rodriguez

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  8   9                              
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2.display the formul;a in each cell instead of resulting the data
9.helpful when preparing a spreadsheet for printing.this view allows you to enter and edit footers.
11.info type in the footer section will print at the bottom of all pages printed
12.documents printed in landscape are wider than they are longer
14.combines multiple cells into one cells
16.determines the best width for a column or best hiedgt for a row ,based on its cotents
18.appears in the lower right corner of the active cell or range. it is used to copy cell contents t adjacent cells
19.quickly adds rows or longe columns of numbers
21.intersection of a row and a column
22.a group of selected cells
23.a worksheet made up of rows and columns that alllows you to complete complex and repetition calculations quickly and accurately
24.appears horizontally and is identified by number on the left side of the worksheet window
25.when the row height adjusts automatically to include additional lines until all the text is visble in a cell
26.the equation used to calculate values in the cell using one or more of the basic mathematical operations of addition,subtraction,multplcation, and divison
27.th efile used to store worksheets in excel
1.text is removed from the document and is placed on the clipboard to be used somewhere else in the document
2.tab at the bottom of the worksheet window that dis plays the name of a worksheet
3.1. authors name 2.title of website 3.copyright date or date the website was posted or updated 4.[url] 5.dtae you visted the website
4.appears vertically and is identified by letters at the top of the worksheet window
5.The cell in the upper left corner of a range and the cell in the lower right corner of a range seperate by a colon
6.documents printed in protraits are longer than they arw wide
7.identifies the cell, and is formed by combining the cell's column letter and row number
8.the computerized sreadsheet in excel that makes up a workbook
10.appears vertically and is identifed by letters at the top of the worksheet window
13.used when ehtering and formatting data
15.info type in the header section will print at the top of all pages printed
17.copies a cell's contents and /or formatting into an adjacent cell or range
20.text remians in it oringinal location and a copy is placed on the clipboard tobe used somewhere else in a document

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