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Mr P

Ecosystem crossword

1     2            
3   4
7                 8        
9   10                
11     12     13    
16                 17

1.An organism that eats the same sort of food as another organism
5.The name for animals that eat other animals
6.An organisms that eats plants
7.Simple way of describing the relationship between producer and consumer
8.The name given to describe the food an animal eats
10.The habitat of an organism must provide it with the ........ it needs
11.An ....... indicates the energy transfer
14.This word describes bacteria and fungi
15.The place where an organism lives
16.The place where living and non-living things interact
18.A basic need of all living things
19.When many food chains interlock, a ............ is created
2.Process by which plants make their own food
3.An organisms that eats other organisms
4.All living things are called .......
9.An organism that makes its own food
12.An organisms that eats plants and other organisms
13.Organisms that eat other organisms
17.The scientific study of the relationships between living things

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