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Revolutionary War

Ricky Goodfellow

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2.a battle known as a turning point in the war where the Americans used guerrilla warfare to kill the British officers and leave the British leaderless
4.where the first major battle of the Revolutionary War, occured June 1775 near Boston
7.where the decisive battle of the war took place and the Americans and French beat the British; occured in October 1781
8.colonists who favored independence
10.author of the famous pamphlet titled "Common Sense."
11.soldiers from other countries paid to fight for another
12.what some of the American soldiers did when the war got tough; left, abandoned
1.famous last words were "My only regret is that I have but one life to lose for my country."
3.British General at the Battle of Long Island in 1776
5.colonists who remained loyal to the British
6.one of three countries that agreed to support the Americans in the war; other two were Spain and Holland
9.the river George Washington and his army crossed on Christmas Eve, 1776 at the battle of Trenton.

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