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2.A payment of future as would be recorded an advertisment
8.It's used in valusing selling or liquidating a company or building
9.General expense caterogy for selling and administrative costs
12.What is a left sideof account?
15.Physical existenic and include purchased patent and copyrights
17.That company buy something return to sell it more than before a buy price
18.The company didn't give it to you previous month salary.
19.Which is bought back by the other company from the own stock
20.Who is money owed to a businessby it's clients costumers
1.It's use a industry,main thing of a balance.that thing's increase debit decrease a credit
3.It''s corporate equify ownership, incease a credit decrease debit
4.Investment made for long term holding purpose
5.It earing are reported in the share holders equify section of balance sheet
6.You take your payable by a notes
7.Assets with long lives that land
10.It shows us companies assets,sales payable and everything
11.To sell the stock more than as own price stock
13.To give it to a rent money
14.To give a rent's money first
16.It is money owed bya a business to it's suppliesand showed on its balance sheet

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