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Unit 8

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4 5       6        
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4.Don't __________ the dog by waving a treat, he can't have, in his face.
7.I will ________ you as soon as I get my paycheck, since I have no money at the moment.
10.Don't ______ at the man; he has done nothing to deserve this mocking.
1.He made a _____ explanation due to the fact that he was in a hurry.
2.The weeds _______ more each year; which means they spread rapidly.
3.Let's ______ the bridge, it will make it stronger.
5."Let's ______ the meeting so we have more time to think before proceeding."
6.You get payed so much each week because our buisness is ______.
8.He is so ________ compared to the advanced math kids.
9.They stand no chance once we ________ them; they will be under our control.

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