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The Monthly Jew crossword puzzle

Kenneth Hopkins

Can you find all the words relating to today's edition in this crossword puzzle? give it a shot and find out.

1   2       3       4
  7 8  
9                     10
11         12              
13 14        
17           18            

1.Jesus and his disciples drove these out of people
3.Betrayed Jesus
5.Roman prefect best known for ordering Jesus' crucifixion
6.Denied jesus three times
9.Jesus was found guilty of this
11.Jesus was nailed and died on this
12.Was released by Pilate instead of Jesus
15.Peter was of Jesus' 12 A ____________
16.One of Jesus' 12 apostles, baptized Jesus
17.Appeared to the three woman who entered Jesus tomb
18.Someone who is not a jew
19.was put on Jesus' head by the romans
2.Jesus did these on a regular basis
4.Prevents us from entering Gods kingdom
6.Jesus taught and spoke to people using these stories
7.Jesus is prophesied to do this on the 3rd day after his death
8.Jesus of _________
10.Jesus' punishment and how he died
13.Emperor of Rome
14.Jesus is said to be his son

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