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Natural Hazards

Huff Puff

Edexcel IGCSE Geography

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2.Something happening in the physical environment such as a storm , volcanic eruption or earthquake
6.A rapid rise in sea level in which water is piled up against the coastline to a level far exceeding the normal
10.The eruption of molten rock, ash or gas from a volcano
11.A violent shaking of the Earth's crust
12.The pushing down of one tectonic plate under another at a collision plate margin.
13.A tidal wave caused by the shockwaves originating from a submarine earthquake or volcanic eruption
14.A flow of wet material down the side of a volcano's ash cone which can become a serious hazard
15.The point in the Earth's surface that is directly above the focus of an earthqauke
16.The transport networks and the water,sewage and communications systems that are vital to people and their settlements and businesses
17.Mainly the coming together and moving apart of tectonic plates
18.Changes designed to react to and cope with a situation, such as a threat posed by a hazard
1.Help in the form of food, medical care and temporary housing provided immediately after a natural disaster
3.A weather system of very low pressure formed over tropical seas and involving strong winds and heavy rainfall
4.Forecasting future events or changes
5.An event that threatens the well being of people and their property
7.A devastating eruption of extremely hot gas, ash, and rocks during a period of explosive volcanic activity
8.A natural event or hazard causing damage and destruction to property as well as personal injuries and death
9.Judging the degree of damage and destruction that an area might experience as a result of a natural event

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