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English Study Guide

Carter Pace

1 2 3 4
  5       6
  7                     8                  
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      12 13      
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  20 21 22                        
      23     24
        25           26        

7.presenting things that are out of place
8.wrapping up the story
9.the part of the hero cycle where the hero is on the main part of his journey
10.hero leaving on his/her journey
11.represent something beyond normal bounds
13.the feeling the reader gets from the writing
14.describing a character
15.audience knows more than the sharacters (2 Words)
16.authors attempts to convince the reader that the story is true
22.the "end" of a literary plot diagram (2 Words)
25.the meaning of a statement differs from what the words appear to say (2 Words)
27.human characteristics on an inhuman object
28.comparing two things with the word "like"
29.comparing without the work "like"
1.the background of a story
2.the transitional point between the exposition and rising action (2 Words)
3.the returning of the hero in his/her story
4.mimicking the style of something else
5.the action that builds up to the conflict (2 Words)
6.referencing to the end of a story
11.the setting and characterization of a story
12.an incongruity between what is expected and what happens (2 Words)
17.use of words to convey opposite meaning
18.the climax of a story after the rising action (2 Words)
19.the storyline of a story
20.to present the opposite of the normal order
21.language of a particular subject
23.disturbance in the plot
24.a critical statement expressed as verbal irony
26.description with the 5 senses

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