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ho ho ho 2012s last xtra credit dont you know


a last gasp chance to help that grade!

1 2
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33                       34                  

4.the way santa gets in on christmas eve
7.what pulls santas sleigh
8.snowman who came to life one day due to the magic hat
10.red nosed reindeer
12.two year old who who caught the grinch in the act
13.story that scrooge was in or a christmas song sung
17.he delivers presents discreetly on christmas eve
18.toymaking helpers of santa
19.list of kids who get presents for being nice
23.showed scrooge what would happen if he did not change his ways
25.where we hang the tinsel and stack the presents
27.what you hope will be under the tree
28.seasonal drink made with apple cider
30.the little lame boy that scrooge wanted to save
31.when these ring its christmas time in the city
33.oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh song title
34.where santa lives
35.where jesus was born
1.little girl who wrote famous letter and was told there was a santa clause
2.you put this in the fireplace and burn it overnight for good luck on christmas eve
3.dec. 31st holiday last day of the year
5.how frosty came to life
6.what santa says
9.old name for christmas
11.where the grinch stole christmas
12.giant ghost who showed scrooge what christmas was like at other peoples homes
14.showed scrooge his old life ghost of christmas
15.this lousy lout stole christmas from whoville
16.seasonal drink made with eggs and milk
20.santas other name
21.kids on this list get coal for being naughty
22.hung by the chimney with care in hopes that santa will soon be there
23.when santa clause comes to town
24.since we got no place to go song about falling snow
26.stingy man who was a partner of scooge
29.in the carol how many days are there of christmas
31.stingy old man who found out the meaning of christmas thanks to marley ghost
32.how santa gets around
35.little dog who the grinch turned into a reindeer

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