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Colonial Crossword

Makayla Hargrove

1 2 3
    5   6
7       8     9                  
10 11       12            
14                     15 16 17

4.a secret organization of american patriots
7.skilled artisan or craftsmen
9.a person who has severed and an apprenticeship
10.printed leaflet or booklet
14.the sons of liberty first met under this tree
18.involved in buying or selling goods
19.nickname given to the British
20.silversmith, printer, candlemaker
21.goods or merchandise brought into a country from a different country
1.refusal to buy goods
2.name given to an incident that took place on march 5, 1770
3.small woodwind instrument known as tin whistle
5.objecting something
6.supreme legislative body
8.a political state
11.young person trained in craft
12.stayed loyal to British crown
13.giving shelter to someone
15.one who loves his country
16.goods and merchandise shipped to and sold in a different country
17.one who suffers or sacrifices something of great value

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