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King Arthur legend 1


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1.The green girdle represented this to Gawain after his encounter with the Green Knight
7.What is a gisarme?
9.What is the name of the Knight that returned Excalibur to the water?
11.What was the one thing that the Round Table symbolized for the Knights?
12.What does the color green symbolize in the Sir Gawain story?
14.The second step to becoming a knight (after page)
15.Who was Arthur's father that disguised himself as another man?
18.A knight's greatest possession and often has colors and symbols on it
20.Who killed Mordred?
21.This is a wedding gift to Arthur from Guinevere's father
24.On the back of Sir Gawain's shield to give him courage
25.Who is given credit with the first version of the King Arthur legend?
28."One element of a medieval romance found in the story "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
31.Why does Lady Bertilak give Gawain a green girdle?
32.Where was King Arthur taken to heal after being wounded?
33.Who was the purest knight that eventually saw the Holy Grail and Christ?
34.Where Arthur found his first sword
35.What French writer added the element of the Holy Grail to the King Arthur story?
2.Who wrote Le Morte' d Arthur?
3.Where the power of Excalibur lies
4.Which knight betrayed Arthur by falling in love with Guinevere?
5.A five pointed star
6.In how many days is Gawain told to meet the Green Knight?
8.The hero must undergo a ________ to prove himself worthy.
10.Gift given to Arthur from the Lady of the Lake
12.Gawain is what relation to Arthur?
13.While Arthur and Mordred are meeting, a knight draws his sword to kill this
16.Which Knight claims the throne (England) while Arthur is away in France?
17.What number do we see in literature that is almost "magical?"
19.The story of King Arthur was told this way for 500 years.
22.A code by which all knights follow and includes honor and courage
23.What did the Green Knight challenge the Knights to?
26.Who was the Green Knight?
27.Who warns Arthur not to marry Guinevere?
29.What was waiting for Arthur waterside as he was dying
30.What did Lady Bertilak give Gawain on each of the three days?

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