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Christianity Test Review Crossword

Ms. Wilson-Clark

Using your notes and textbook complete the crossword as preparation for your unit test.

  3   4      
7   8 9
11                 12  
16 17      

1.This gospel emphasizes the suffering that Jesus endured
3.The selling of these special objects by the Church that were believed to belong to saints
6.The Queen of England is the head of this Church
11.The __________ Clause: caused the schism between the Orthodox and Catholic churches
13.This gospel emphasizes Jesus as a teacher, much like Moses
15.A charitable organization operated by a Church
18.Under his leadership Christianity was legalized
19.Matthew, Mark and Luke are all ____________ gospels
1.Joseph Smith founded this Protestant Church
2.The Second _________ Council saw many changes to the church: the priest faced the people, the altar rail was removed and the mass was no longer said in Latin
4.This gospel emphasizes Jesus as being compassionate
5.One of the corrupt practices of the Medieval Church that Martin Luther disagreed with
7.The book that describes the suffering that the early Christians experienced
8.He believed that people are saved by God because of their good deeds AND faith
9.The Pope is the head of this Church
10.A common symbol of the Holy Spirit, Pentecost
12.Q source is believed to contain 114 direct _____________ of Jesus, though the document has never been found
14.Believe that people should be baptized as adults into this Protestant Church
16.This gospel emphasizes Jesus as a life-giver
17.Ichthys, a Greek word meaning....

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