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social studies unit 10 section 3


2                       3
    7     8              
9 10         11                    
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1.the right too vote
2.Somebody who does not vote for all or one party
4.a form of government in which the people of a country either rule directly or through elected representatives
5.voting age brought down too 18
6.the right of suffrage/ too vote not depending on color
10.Either all democratic or all republican
19.candidates who dont declare themselves to be a member of a political party while running public office
22.candidate who is running in an election for the elected position they currently hold/ re electoin
23.a form of government in which all the people meet together in one place to make laws and decide what actions to take
24.the people an elected official represents
25.banned voting descrimination based on race or color in federal, state, and local elections
1.a paper ballot that lists the names of the candidates, where a voter marks their ballot in private
3.Takes place first and usually in late spring or early march
8.runs in an election as a member of a political party
9.the right of suffrages for women
11.An election in which the voters elect their leaders
12.someone who favorites a certain party
13.One who does not belong to a political party
14.Only those voters that are registered in a particular party can vote to choose the party's candidate
15.when we elect people to make descisions for us
16.someone who doesnt have a favorite party. someone whos independent
17.Voters may vote for the candidates of either major party wheter or not the voters belong to that party
18.(1787) a written plan for government
20.a written change too the contitution
21.prohibition of poll taxes in national elections

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