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reproductive system

lalchand marmat

terms, definition, adolescence, menstrual cycle etc

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1.contain testes and provides less temperature than the body temperature
3.synthesis of this hormone require iodine
5.cell with single set of chromosome
9.basal narrow part of uterus is called as
10.the mixture of sperm with secretion of seminal , prostate and cowper glands is called
11.sex chromosomes of male are
12.master gland of body
13.release of egg from ovaries is called as
15.start of menstrual cycle is called as
17.sperm are produced by ?
20.hormone that is secreted by corpus luteum
25.division of nucleus is called
26.which hormone is called as "3-F" hormone
28.hormone that decrease sugar level in blood and avoid diabetes
29.from the time of one period to next- "usually 28 days"
30.attachment of zygote on uterine wall
31.result of fertilisation that starts further development
32.foetus grow and develop here
1.is a condition in which a person is unable to reproduce
2.emergency gland is
4.vasopresin hormone, which regulate amount of urine formation is also called as
6.this hormone is called as birth control and milk ejaculating hormone
7.female sex hormone
8.chemicals that control the different activities of body
12.birth of foetus is also called as
14.male sex hormone
16.innermost layer of uterus
18.fusion of sperm and egg cell is called as
19.another term for pregnancy
21.is a hormone that stimulate sperm production
22.stopage of menstrual cycle is called as
23.a tubular structure in which ovum is released
24.medical technique used for sex determination and also known as ultrasound is
27.reproduction method used by yeast

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