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1863 & the American Civil War

D. Korn

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1.Flamboyant Yankee cavalry commander whose troopers fought Stuart's.
9.Union commander at Gettysburg.
13.Huge cavalry battle before Gettysburg.
15.Female doctor
16.Location of "Battle above the Clouds."
19.Large area covered with huge boulders on Gettysburg battlefield.
20.What Armistead stuck his hat on at Gettysburg.
25.Initials Army of Northern Virginia.
26."The Rock of Chickamauga." Name.
27.______________________ Charge.
28.Army of Northern Virginia leader.
29.Lee ordered Hill to"take that hill,________ ___________."
30.________________ Hill. Wesley.
31.Lee's nickname for Longstreet.
1.Lincoln's 272 word speech.
2.Largest battle of war.
3.Number of lines of trenches Confederates dug on Missionary Ridge.
4.Location of deadly 1863 draft riots.
5.Both Chamberlain and Walker were awarded this.
6.City where the Union Army of the Cumberland was besieged.
7.last major Confederate victory in western theater.
8.Name of elderly civilian who fought at Gettysburg.
10.Hill Chamberlain defended.
11.Jefferson Davis ordered the troops to shoot into the crowd here. City.
12.British Army observer with Confederate army. Last name.
14.Irish coal miners and terrorists.
17.Lee bawled me out for tardiness.
18.I held the high ground long enough for the infantry to arrive at Gettysburg.
21.Name of civilian killed at Gettysburg.
22.State where Gettysburg is located.
23."Don't call me Lawrence."
24."Gibraltar of the Mississippi."
32.I lost the use of my right arm at the Triangular Field fight. Confederate officer.

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