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Loveing from a distance

Julius Olson

People often don't make it threw a long distance relationship but I kno some do and I know me and my gf can so i want to assure her that love is love and love knows no distance. It's up to the couple just how for they can make it I seen people who are married and they see each other every day, yet are more distant than ever like they are truly worlds apart' so seeing isent everything yes there has to be a connection but u have to be willing to fight for it no matture what.

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1.Something that earns you trust
5.A feeling that's hard to do if u been hurt often
6.Something only the weak hearted do
14.A feeling of pleasure when used rite
15.Something that requires nothing but gives you everything
16.Something we all need to be when we're with someone who we love
18.Something that shouldn't happen if you really love someone
19.Is just a number love knows no number, age, weight.
2.Another meaning for strength
3.Something you love doing when your with them or when you miss them
4.A small or large space In between
7.Withstanding pain physical or non physical and always getting threw it
8.Something you need to survive
9.Something you gain by spending time with someone
10.Something that means no limits
11.Something you'll never forget and something you'll want over and over again
12.A fire that burns and drives you
13.Something that gives you butterfly's no matture how many times you do it
16.The most powerful force known to man
17.Something every relationship needs

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