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Bible Trivia 3

Pastor Greg Lilly

See if you can complete this puzzle. Read each clue carefully.

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12 13 14            
15             16     17     18
21   22      

1.He was the god of Ekron
5.Boaz was from the family of this man
6.David could not gather any of this, revealing to us that he was near death
7.He was the son of Saul who was killed in battle
9.One of David's sons who tried to kill him, he was known for his long hair
10.He was David's older brother who became upset with David when David came to see how the battle was going
11.While David was dying, she was the damsel who watched over him
14.He was one of the gods of the Moabites
15.This was a weapon that Saul cast at David in his anger
16.This woman prayed to God for a child and God answered her prayer
19.He was the captain of the host of the army of Israel who was present when David went to fight Goliath
21.How many years did the ark abide in Kirjathjearim before it was brought back to Israel
23.David had to hide out in the wilderness of this city from Saul
2.Samuel told the people to put away the strange gods and this god from among them
3.This is how old Josiah was when he began to reign in Jerusalem
4.How many of David's concubines were locked up, living in widowhood until their death
8.Here is where the tabernacle of the congregation of God was located in the wilderness
11.He was sick and even fell down through lattice in his upper chamber in Samaria
12.This city owed David much thanks for delivering it out of the hand of the Philistines
13.This is the place where the children of Israel gathered to fast before the Lord after denouncing the strange gods they were following
14.This is an Old Testament word which meant to be skilled or expert in a particular area
17.He was captain of the host of the king of Syria, caught leprosy, and was told to dip himself seven times in the Jordan river
18.This man was forever a lover of David and king of Tyre
20.She was a woman of Moab whose mother-in-law was named Naomi
22.This was where Jeroboam was dwelling after he fled from the presence of King Solomon

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