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Ginger Chiveral

Things associated with the birth of Jesus

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1.When did the angels appear to the shepherds?
5.The angel said "Do not be ______"
13.Who was watching over their flocks?
15.Where the wise men came from
16.Where Mary and Joseph lived
17.Got with us
19.Mary was with child through the _____ _______
21.How the angel appeared to Joseph
24.What Joseph planned to do before the angel appeared to him
25."I bring you good news of great ____"
27.What Jesus is; another word for Christ
30."_____ to God in the highest"
31.What Jesus is to you if you're a Christian
32.What the wise men followed to find the newborn king
2.Place that had no room
3.What Gabriel said Mary was
4.Angel who appeared to Mary
6.King when Jesus was born
7.Mary's fiance; earthly father of Jesus
8.What Jesus saves us from
9.One who predicted the birth of Jesus
10.They say there were 3 of these but we don't know for sure
11.Where Mary laid newborn Jesus
12.City where Jesus was born
14.Why Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem
18.Mary's relative; mother of John the Baptist
20.Another word for Wise Men
22.Mother of Jesus
23.What the Wise Men did to Jesus
26.A newborn child
27.Mary's relationship to Jesus
28.Created supernatural beings associated with Christmas
29.King that Jesus was descended from

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