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World History: Societies of the Past (Egypt pg. 80-83) Name: ______________

H. Adams

Here's a crossword based on the information found in the textbook.

1 2 3 4
      5         6      
      8 9      
12     13
  15     16   17      
18                 19
21       22          

5.name given to preserved body in ancient Egypt
6.If I was a poor Egyptian, I might have been buried with some of this.
7.This salt was very important in the mummification process.
9.goddess of the sky
10.Dead bodies were wrapped in bandages soaked in this substance.
11.god of the underworld's "better half"
14.Anubis weighed a dead person's heart against this item.
15.an important step in the process of preserving a dead body
18.god of the underworld
20.The ancient Egyptians imported this from the kingdom of Punt.
21."Natural" mummies were created in this environment.
23.This god was important to all Egyptians.
1.god of fertility
2.Osiris's evil brother
3.sacred animal to ancient Egyptians
4.Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics didn't contain these, but historians inserted them anyway.
5.Bacteria that decomposes bodies needs this to survive.
8.Osiris was the god who taught the Egyptians how to do this.
12.The earliest watercrafts were constructed from this material.
13.During the preservation of a body, internal organs were placed in these jars.
16.This deity was the god of the dead and the guardian of the tombs.
17.a fragrant, gummy substance which was a popular trade item
19.Egyptians couldn't produce this, so they traded to the east for it.
22.Instead of using nails, Egyptians used these to tie the planks of a ship together.

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