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World History: Societies of the Past (Egypt pg. 76-79) Name: ______________

H. Adams

Here's a crossword based on the information found in the textbook.

4 5            
6 7     8 9
10             11  
14     15     16                    
20             21         22  

3.famous stone (not Mick Jagger)
5.This kind of skin might have been used to make shoes.
10.Yellow was created using yellow _____.
12.Poor Egyptian men and male slaves wore one of these.
14.A mixture of egg whites and snake _____ was applied to paintings to protect the paint.
16.type of fruit grown in the Nile Valley
17.Even today, bricks are still made using mud and this.
21.The poor, especially, ate with these.
23.If you were misbehaved in school in ancient Egypt, you might be ______.
1.Poor Egyptians seldom ate this.
2.location of famous medical centre
4.made from barley, bread crumbs, water, and fermented dates
6.heavy black eyeliner
7.wraparound skirt worn by men (kind of like a kilt)
8.word for specialization in eye diseases
9.This was planting month for Egyptian farmers.
11.simplified, cursive form of hieroglyphs
13.the scorpion goddess
15.The main function of Egyptian schools was to train these.
16.plant used to make paper, among other things
18.grain most Egyptian bread was made from
19.very common fabric used to make clothes
22.Iron oxide was used to produce this colour.

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