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Land of dreams

Galina Osika, 8a

A crossword for the 8 grade, topic "California"

3 4              
  5               6 7
8               9    

2.Having no place to live (adj)
4.The ruler or chief magistrate of a colony, province, etc. (noun)
5.Superior or more favourable position or power; benefit or profit (noun)
8.The greater number or part of something (noun)
10.Able to speak two languages, esp. with fluency (adj)
1.A person who immigrates (noun)
3.One of the biggest trees in the world (noun)
6.Sudden movements of the earth´s crust (noun)
7.A person who has entered or attempted to enter a country illegally (noun)
8.The smaller in number of two parts, factions, or groups (noun)
9.Wild animals and plants (noun)

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