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Tony Loubet

Christmas crossword

1 2
  4     5      
  6   7      
8             9
    10           11  
  12               13         14
15     16             17      
  18 19     20      
23                       24  
26               27    

4.The number of wise men (magi) who visited Jesus (Mt 2:1, 7, 9-12)
7.A baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger (Lk 2:12)
8.The place where the wise men visited the holy family (Mt 2:11)
10.A mythical, overweight elf who has nothing to do with Jesus' birth
12.A message from God
13.How God warned the magi (Mt 2:12)
15.John the Baptist's father (Lk 1:57-66)
17.The prophetess who met Joseph and Mary at the temple (Lk 2:36-40)
19.Joseph and Mary's relationship when Mary conceived (Lk 2:5)
22.The Roman emperor at the time of Jesus' birth Lk 2:1)
23.What the angels did after announcing Jesus' birth (Lk 2:13)
25.Abraham's justification (Gen 15:6)
26.John the Baptist's mother (Lk 1:36)
28.The shepherd's condition when the angel visited them (Lk 2:9)
29.Who announced Jesus' birth to the shepherds (Lk 2:9)
30.Reindeer's true purpose
31.Mary's condition when she married Joseph (Lk 2:5)
1.The place where Joseph and Mary found no room (Lk 2:7)
2.What brought Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem (Lk 2:1)
3.The Lord our Righteousness' earthly name (Jer 23:5-6, Lk 1:30-33)
5.Mary's hometown (Lk 1:26)
6.How Jesus' own received Him. (Jn 1:11)
9.The prophet who predicted the town of Jesus' birth (Mi 5:2)
11.What the magi really came to offer (Mt 2:11)
14.A trough used to feed livestock (Lk 2:12)
16.Agent of Mary's conception (Lk 135)
18.The magi's guide (Mt 2:2)
20.What Joseph wished to do quietly to spare Mary public disgrace (Mt 1:18-19)
21.The "city of David" where Jesus was born (Lk 2:11+15)
24.Joseph and Mary's relationship until after Jesus' birth (Mt 1:25)
27.The king of Judea at the time of Jesus' birth (Mt 2:1)

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