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Diversity of Life


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1.The basic unit of life.
2.A green pigment in chloroplasts that captures light energy, which is used to make food.
4.A part of a flower. It is the female reproductive structure. It consists of the ovary, containing the seeds, and the stigma
5.This cell organelle regulates the production of proteins and contains genetic material.
9.The white, starchy part of a seed. The cotyledon contains food to nourish the embryo during germination
10.Cells that contain a nucleus and organelles. All cells, except bacteria
11.A cell organelle that processes sugar, providing energy for the cell and releasing simple chemicals into the cell cytoplasm
16.The start of growth and development of a seed
17.The capacity to do work. Most of the energy used by living organisms comes from the Sun
19.the tip of the pistil that is often sticky and receives the pollen grain
21.The potential seeds found within the ovaries of a plant.
22.An opening on the surface of a leaf. Carbon dioxide, oxygen, and water vapor pass in and out
23.The vascular system within a plant (made of long connected cells) that transports water and minerals from the roots to the rest of the plant
1.A semipermeable "skin" surrounding the cell and separating it from its environment
3.The tissue within a plant that transports food made in the leaves to all other parts of the plant
6.An organelle containing chlorophyll found in plant cells and some protists
7.The place where an organism lives and gets what it needs to survive
8.An extension of an epidermal cell near the root tip that takes in water and minerals.
12.A semirigid structure that surrounds cells of plants, fungi, and bacteria
13.The early developmental stage of a plant or animal
14.A state of suspended biological activity. Dormant organisms are alive but inactive.
15.The male sex cell.
18.The female sex cell
20.The part of the plant at the base of the pistil that contains the egg.

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