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The Skeletal System

Katherine Cleary

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5.This is the largest bone in your body. It is located in the upper thigh.
6.Many people refer to them as fingers.
7.The outer covering of a bone.
9.Which acts as a cushion between different bones.
10.____ the body's softer tissue and organs.
13.The connection of most bones at joints.
15.A joint that allows movement in most directions is a ___ and socket joint.
17.Also known as you breast bone.
19.These make up your spinal cord or backbone.
1.The upper part of your arm.
2.Your ankle bone.
3.Gives the body ____ and shape.
4.Which makes most of the body's red blood cells.
6.Many people refer to them as toes.
8.The nuber of bones that most adults have in their body.
9.Your wrist bone. (car pool)
11.The bone that protects your brain.
12.Joints that allow movement in only one direction.
14.What you chew with.
16.Also known as the knee.
18.These bones make up your rib cage which protects your lungs and heart.

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