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2 3                           4
  7   8                    
    11   12          
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3.An example or case that proves a conjecture or theory wrong
5.The "if" clause in an if-then statement
6.A polygon in which all interior angles have measures less than 180 degrees
8.A polygon with all angles congruent
9.To divide into two equal sections or two equal halves
10.The point of concurrency of the angle bisectors of a triangle
12.A segment from a vertex of a triangle to the midpoint of the opposite side of the triangle
14.To correspond exactly
16.The point on a segment that divides it into two congruent segments
17.A line, a segment, or ray that intersects a line segment as its midpoint forming a right angle
19.A segment whose endpoints are points of a circle or points on a sphere
21.A line that intersects two or more coplanar lines in different points
23.Coplanar angles that share a vertex and side but no interior points
24.A polygon that is both equilateral and equiangular
25.The angle formed by extending a side of a polygon
1.When two lines are cut by a transversal, a pair of angles in the interior between those two lines that are on the same side of the transversal
2.A line (or ray or segment) added to a diagram to help in a proof
4.The use of facts, definitions, rules, and or properties to prove that a conjecture is true
7.A part of a line bounded by two points on the line called endpoints
11.The organization of steps and the reasons used to justify those steps in two columns with statements on the left and reasons on the right
13.A polygon that has one or more interior angles that are greater than 180 degrees
15.The point of concurrency of all the altitudes of a triangle
18.The "then" clause in an if-then statement
19.An unproved statement that seems to be true
20.A concept map showing a procedure, where boxes represent actions and connecting arrows to show the flow of logic behind the answers
22.A chord containing the center of a circle or sphere, or length of such a chord

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