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1.A contanier used on farm (apples,patatos)
4.Continued, or went on
10.The act of testing students
12.A strongly made lockable box or chest for storing valubles or money
14.The artificial application of water to land to assist in the production of crops
15.Farming aquiment used for cutting, lifting or turning over soil
2.A smalı musical insturment that you play by bowling in to it
3.A measurment of land
5.A Reason given to make something clear and easy to understand
6.A system used for brevity or secrecry of communication in chosen words or numbers
7.To be raund something on all sides
8.Everything involved in a particular place and time
9.The combanation of staps, bands and other part of forming the working year of a draft animal
11.A horse that is a cream or gold colour whit a mane and a tail
13.İn direct way

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