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vascular Technology

Shahina Siddiqui

chapter 34

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2.It has the shape and size of an almond
4.Each ovary has two blood supply sources. They are: a. ---------, which is a branch of the abdominal aorta,Ovarian branches of the uterine artery
5.It is pear-shaped, It is a structure located in the midline
7.postmenopausal ovaries shows High resistance, low flow , Difficult to visualize blood vessels because of ------ ------- -----
9.During the follicular phase, the arterial flow in the ovaries is: High resistance, -------
11.The uterus is supplied by the uterine artery, which is a branch of the
12.During the luteal phase, which is associated with the arterial flow in the ovaries are ------- -------, high flow .Corpus luteual wall has the “ring of fire” vascularity
13.In a nonpregnant uterus, the arterial flow is: ------- -------, low flow ,High resistive index
14.------ is Uterine tumor associated with increased vascularity around the periphery of tumor ,Low resistance, high flow ,Subserosal and pedunculated firbroid can be mistaken as ovarian or adnexal tumor
15.------- --------are associated with such as hematoma, hematosalpinx, and ruptured ectopic pregnancy, Thick ring-shaped wall ,Increased vascularity and “ring of fire” color Doppler pattern ,Low resistance, high flow
1.------- ----- and placental tissue is associated with ,Elevated HCG ,Increased vascularity ,Low resistance, high flow
3.the malignant tumors of the ------is associated with , They generally demonstrate low resistance, high flow in solid component , They may be cystic with thick wall and/or septations .Blood flow is centrally or not around the periphery
6.an----- ------ is associated with An adnexal mass with thick wall and increased vascularity Has “ring of fire” color Doppler pattern , Has low resistance, high flow ,Can be mistaken for corpus luteum , Cardiac activity provides most definitive proof
8.Arises from the endometrium of uterus ,Has a single feeding artery , Visualization is improved with sonohysterography technique ,Originates from the mucosal layer of the uterus
10.----- ------ is associated with Twisting or torsion of an ovary around its ligamentous support or vascular pedicle ,Caused by ovarian or adnexal mass or swelling ,Results in loss of blood to the ovary and in pelvic pain ,Immediate diagnosis and surgical intervension are needed ,Decreased ovarian size and absent vascularity

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