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Christmas puzzle

1 2
3         4 5
9                 10
11   12 13        
16               17      

3.The name of the 26th December.
6.A typical desert the British eat only at Christmas
7.Something you get at Christmas
9.The place where Father Christmas comes from.
13.There were three of them when Jesus was born
15.The other name for Father Christmas
16.What santa comes down from
17.What shines in the sky at night
18.Rudolph was one of them.
19.The piece of cloth people used to fill with tangerines
1.People sing them at Christmas.
2.What is pulled by reindeers.
4.They help santa around.
5.They fall when it snows.
8.The place in the house that keeps you warm.
10.What you make before Christmas
11.What you kiss under at New Years Eve
12.They ring on a sleigh or in a church.
14.Something that makes a big noise when you pop it.

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