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A2 Language

Created for you by Susie

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  6 7    
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1.The rules which under-pin any language (7)
5.A type of tag-questions designed to involve the listener (12)
8.Believed tag questions in women showed lack of confidence (6)
9.A gender theory - women's speech reflects their lesser social role (9)
11.The way we pronounce words (6)
12.A person who accepts that change is a natural part of language (13)
13.A word ending which serves a grammatical function (10)
16.Political ____ (11)
19._____ pronunciation. How Queenie speaks. (8)
21.A type of sub-clause; for example: 'When I am rich...' (8)
2.The term for a word or phrase which is no longer in use (7)
3.The term for someone who values standard English (14)
4.___ English; some regard this as the 'correct' way of speaking (8)
6.A type of sentence, with at least one subordinate clause. (7)
7.Lexis specific to a region (7)
10.If I were rich, I'd travel the world. The first part of this sentence is a ___ sub-clause (11)
14.A word which has dropped out of fashion (8)
15.An approach to gender theory - women are essentially lacking (7)
17.You might see one at Christmas! Also a type of sub-clause. (8)
18.Your course work is worth 40__ of your overall A Level mark (7)
20.You'll have to sit one in June! (4)

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