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Xmas cross number puzzle

1             2  
3           4  
      5   6  
    7     8    
14 15        
16 17        

1.What is 75/759 add 97/3795?
3.What is 112 multiplied by 8956?
5.What is the area of a parallelogram with the base 90 and the perpendicular height 67.5?
7.What fraction of 6metre is 50cm?
9.What is 7 add ( 6x 5 squared add 3)?
10.What is the perimeter of a square with sides of 14567?
12.What is 5 5/7 - 12/7?
14.What is 134567 to the nearest 1000?
17.What is the area of a rectangle with the length being 99 and the width 144?
18.What is 6 and a half in to a improper fraction?
1.What is 1000 over 650as a mixed number?
2.What is 9876. 78965 rounded to the nearest 4dp
3.What is 1234.567 to the nearest 2dp?
4.What is 9/12 add 9/24?
6.What is -9-1?
8.What is 456 divided by 19?
11.What is (75 add 41) x (23 add 12)?
13.What is -7x(-9-1)?
15.What is the area of a trapezium with the parallel sides 45 and 66 and tithe perpendicular height 55
16.What is the area of a triangle with it's base being 156 and perpendicular height 122?
17.What is 6 multiplied by 5/9?

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