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QUIZ: WWII - Battles and the Holocaust

Ms. Tadic

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2.The annihilation of the Jews and other groups of people of Europe under the Nazi regime during WWII
4.It was during this event that Jewish businesses and homes were destroyed. It showed how German aggression was increasing towards Jews in society
7.This plan called for the complete annihilation and mass extermination of the Jews through gassing, starvation, and death marches.
10.It was in this city that Canadians had to take ground house to house
11.Canadians were named heroes by the citizens of this country after they liberated it
12.Hitler believed that this was the superior race
15.Hitler's life ended this way just before Germany surrendered to the allies
17.This was the code name for the German Invasion of the Soviet Union.
19.D-Day was codenamed Operation __________________
20.The Germans formally surrendered on May 8, 1945. This became known as ______________
1.This was the code name for the Italian Campaign: Operation _____________
3.Jews and other minority groups were imprisoned here and eventually killed
5.This was the name of the poisonous gas used for mass killings in concentration camps
6.Hitler betrayed his Non-Agression Pact when he invaded this country in 1941
8.While the Germans anticipated an attack at Pas de Calais, the allies invaded here
9.The most famous concentration camp
13.This set of laws outlined that Jews were not to enter public schools, banks, and had to wear a "Star of David" on their clothes
14.Jews were forced to live in these areas within cities, closed off from the rest of the population with large brick walls.
16.This country lost 91% of its Jewish population by the end of WWII
18.Canadians landed on this beach on D-Day

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