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Math II Exam

Alexandria Renshaw

2 3             4              
6 7                       8
      12       13                          
      14 15   16                
17                           18            

3.angle whose vertex is on a circle whose sides contain chords of a circle
7.a group of people or objects that you want information about
9.expression that is a number, a variable, or the product of a number and one or more variables
10.arc with endpoints that are endpoints of a diameter
12.a rule is used to select members of a population
16.a line that the graph approaches but will never reach
17.members of a population can volunteer to be in a sample
20.sum of three monomials
22.middle number in a data set
23.angle whose vertex is the center of a circle
24.most common number in a data set
1.interchanges the input and output values of the original relation
2.average of all numbers in a data set
4.apparent solution that must be rejected because it does not satisfy the original equation
5.points on the graph of a function in which there is a break, hole, or gap
6.bell shaped curve, that is symmetric about the mean
8.u-shaped quadratic function
11.line that lies as close as possible to all the data points
13.maximum or minimum value(s) of a function
14.mapping, or pairing, of input vales with output values
15.contains a chord of a circle and has exactly one end point outside the circle
18.graph of a set of data pairs (x, y)
19.sum of two monomials
21.highest (or lowest) point of the parabola

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