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2013 Crossword

1   2   3       4
5 6             7        
  9 10                  
11           12    
    14   15       16  

1.Gargantuous piece of ice
5.Has a long neck and a 18 inch tongue
7.Color of life
10.Not a rotation but a ___
11.Number 85 on the packers
13.A Egyptian king
14.1940's ship that had its rudder blown up
17.Something in the sky: Also a reindeer
18.Gold & ___ pawn shop
19.He is not afraid
2.A negatively charged particle
3.America's colors are red, white, and ___
4.Where the 2012 Olympics took place
6.Hittite Technology
8.Symbol of two balanced forces
9.Subordinating Conjunctions
12.Famous city from Pop song
15.Two or more elements combined
16.The statue on the Wisconsin capital is made of...

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