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40 Words of Scot

1 2
3     4   5
7 8   9                        
    11   12            
    13       14      
15       16                        
    20               21                   22
      23     24  
  25             26     27          
  28       29  
30 31                                   32          
34             35            
  36                 37                
38             39            

3.A banned substance that keeps making an appearance (3)
9.Provocative collage character wishing ‘Bon Dia a Tothom’ (6,5)
10.A annual family get-away destination (7)
12.Bottom fall-out inducing substance (5)
13.English alternative to salad (3)
16.Emphasised boldness, courage or chutzpah – a more than suitable game name for you (5,8)
18.Marathon Marys/ The New Gin Twins (5, 3, 8)
20.Paranoia, paranoia. It’s coming to get you (4,4)
21.New Traditionalist (4, 6)
25.Roller-skating angel (6)
27.Old biddies convention on a Wednesday night (6)
30.Laurence’s younger sister (8,2,4,5)
32.A three-legged wonder (6)
33.Pep up for murky, blonde, artist (8)
34.Hung like a Trojan, he’s a daunting prospect (5)
35.Matted hair, corner stare (5)
36.Real EFLey special (3,2,3)
37.I like it, I like it a lot, I like it, I like it a lot, I love it! (4, 5)
38.Sunglasses buying serum (6)
39.Me aspiring yet shy actress, you savvy casting director meet underground (5)
1.Elegant starfish and seahorse want to show you their routine (11, 10)
2.The dinner the guests have to cook (12)
4.Not much room in this lift. Going up? (10)
5.Where you can do whatever you want! (3,4)
6.A nutty Dutch dog (9)
7.Look at him the wrong way, and there will be trouble – his verbal wrestling / game name (6, 4)
8.The move you hate to love (2)
11.I say duck, this broth don’t ‘alf have a sting to it! (6)
14.(Whispers loudly behind hand) NOT Matthew (4,7)
15.Put your pig on it, if Gabby will let you (11)
17.Best if it’s red, unless you’re in a confined space (4, 6)
19.Scream it in the park and a princess will appear (6,6)
22.A wing, a TEFL game and some nail varnish. Not 5 letters (5)
23.‘Shut the fuck up, your time is up’ (5,3)
24.The only God you really accept (8)
26.Green spears just wouldn’t be the same without it (9, 4)
28.Amount consumed up Salamander Mountain (4, 6)
29.Who’s coming down to our favourite club? (4,5)
31.Where ‘Je suis un artiste aussi!’ was uttered (2,6)
32.An enterprise we need to see more of (4,4)

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