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Bible The Special People

Pastor Greg Lilly

Can you name the special person associated with each clue?

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1.He was the first man and was given the job of naming all the animals
4.She was the mother of Timothy and was known for her faith in God
6.He was the prophet of God who exposed David's sin and proclaimed Solomon as king
7.She was the grandmother of Timothy who was very faithful to God
11.This captive from Judah could interpret dreams
12.This young man was stoned for his faith in Jesus and even saw Jesus as he died
14.He was king of Salem and priest of the most high God
17.He and his army pursued after Moses and the children of Israel when they had left Egypt
18.He prophesied of the judgment of the Chaldeans, the original priests of Babylon
20.He was the father of Jesse
22.He asked for a double-portion
23.He was such a dedicated servant of God, God challenged Satan to consider this man's qualities
24.He prophesied of the jealousy of God and His vengeance
25.He and others rose up against Moses and the ground swallowed them up
2.He prophesied that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem Ephratah
3.She wanted a child so bad that she told God she would dedicate the child to His service
4.He defeated and humiliated the prophets of Baal
5.He was the brother of Moses and was anointed high priest in Israel
8.He is called the Weeping Prophet
9.He was also called Levi
10.He was king of Babylon and made a great image of himself
13.He prophesied of Jerusalem's judgment, Israel's restoration and his name means The Lord hides
15.This New Testament writer was a doctor
16.He was the son of Jesse
19.He interpreted the dreams of the chief of the king's butlers and bakers
21.His would come and free His people from their sins
23.This New Testament writer wrote from the Isle of Patmos the book of Revelation

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