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Bible Trivia 5

Pastor Greg Lilly

How well do you know your Bible? Can you come up with the answer to the clue?

1 2
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3.Paul was of this nationality
6.This is what you become after being saved, it means that you are God's pet project
8.This type of collector is also called a publican
10.Paul told the Thessalonians that the wicked shall be destroyed with the brightness of Christ's coming and this with the spirit of his mouth
11.Satan is also called the god of this what
13.This animal is what a king rides when he is bringing peace to a city or people
15.Philip saw a man of this nationality, a eunuch of great authority under Candace
16.After being crucufied and before rising again from the dead, this is what happened to Christ's body
17.This is another title for Jerusalem and Melchisedec was king of this place
20.It is by this that you are saved through faith
21.Jesus is called the King of this people
1.This word was used by Paul to describe the Galatians and he wondered who had bewitched them
2.Both Jesus and Ezekiel used this title to describe themselves, Son of ____
4.The woman with an issue of blood only needed to touch the hem of Jesus' what to be healed
5.Paul said before the coming of antichrist, many would do this from their faith
7.This group did not believe in a future resurrection
9.Jesus was nailed to this object, used by the Romans to kill convicted criminals
10.Paul said that we become a new this in Christ, it also means a new creation
12.This word means teacher
14.Peter was told that he must continually do this even when our brother offends us
18.Jesus said that He commands all to do this to one another
19.This animal is what a king rides when he is bringing war upon a city or people

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