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Jashon Washington


3             4

2.intrusive igneous rock bodies, including batholiths, stocks, sills, and dikes, formed through mountain-building processes and oceanic-oceanic collisions; can be exposed at Earth's surface due to uplift and erosion
3.large crater, up to 50 km in diameter, that can form when the summit or side of a volcano collapses into the magma chamber during or after an eruption
6.large, sloping volcano built by ciolent eruptions of volcanic fragments and lava that accumulate in alternating layes (2 Words)
7.coarse-grained, irregularly shaped, igneous rock mass that covers at least 100km2, generally forms 10-30 km below Earth's surface, and is common in the interior of major mountain chains
9.relatively small, mushroom-shaped pluton that forms when magma intrudes into parallel rock layers close to Earth's surface
1.steep-sided, generally small volcano that is built by the accumulation of tephra around the vent (2 Words)
4.bowl-shaped depression, usually less than 1 km in diameter, that forms around the central vent at the summit of a volcano
5.unusually hot area in Earth's mantle that is stationary for long periods of time, where high temperature plumes of mantle material rise toward the surface (2 Words)
8.pluton that cuts across preexisting rocks and often forms when magma invades cracks in surrounding rock bodies

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