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Unit 3 Information

Mr. Derrell

Answers can be found in sections 1 and 2 in Unit 3

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1.son of Abraham and Sarah
5.time before the invention of writing and recording of historical data
12.missing the mark, falling short, brokeness, wrongdoing, misdeeds, an offense against the truth: these are ways of describing this
13.little flakes that are collected and boiled into a bread-like substance
14.patriarch of the Israelites
15.sent by God to go save his people from slavery
2.Franciscan Theologian also known as "Doctor of the Church
3.translated, it means "I am, who am"
4.statement or profession of faith
6.one of the sons of Isaac and Rebekah
7.the land God promised to the children of Abraham
8.Lord passes over all houses marked with the blood of the sacrificial lamb
9.original sin
10.a number of peoples of the ancient Near East
11.ruler of ancient Egypt

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