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1 2 3 4 5     6  
7 8                  
9                 10
          11 12                
14                 15 16          
18       19    
20           21                  
  22             23   24      
25 26     27          
    28   29                      
32             33                
    34   35  
36                 37              
38   39      
    40           41
42   43        
44         45    
  46   47          

5.country home
9.(abbr) columbian rebels
13.one star general
14.professorof author Dan Brown
16.one of the countries in the north pole
17.most of us failed
19.we don't talk about it in our culture
20.hates giving
21.he told a tale on the way to cantebury
22.a literary technique
26.type, family
28.its army guards The Holy See
31.it gained independence in 1993
32.his prayer is reflected in the Book of Chronicles
33.unit of measure
36.it is also known as answering machine in telephones
37.social network
39.a drop of golden sun
40.American former president from Ireland
42.one of the African countries mentioned on the Bible
44....tax, levied during colonial times
46.talking pets
48.run for an elective position
1.infamous public officer in Uganda
2.between lines
3.gained notoriety by defrauding a british businessman
4.Flame trees of....title of an expatriate novel
6.an extinct human parasite?
7.author of The Heart of the Matter
10.every country has its own
15.feminine of a horse
18.synonym of grass, status in society
23.he was toppled by war lords in a horn of african nation
24.Male cats
25.defunct posts and telecommunications
27.kick out a team
30.common name
34.Car made by toyota
35.holiday destination
38.list of characters in a play
41.one of the new districts in Uganda
43.Between dusk and dawn
45.online television
47.so be it

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