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Jesus and John and the Gospels

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2.Which gospel tells us the least about John baptizing Jesus?
4.John knew that Jesus was the Messiah because he saw a ______________ come down after Jesus was baptized.
6.Which gospel author also wrote the book of Revelation?
7.Who was John's father?
9.When Jesus was twelve, his parents lost Him. Where in Jerusalem did they find Him?
11.What is the name for the first three gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke)?
12.Which gospel author also wrote Acts?
15.Where was Jesus born?
16.Which gospel author was a tax collector?
1.What did John eat, besides wild honey?
2.Which gospel author was one of the twelve disciples?
3.Where did Jesus grow up?
5.Where did John baptize?
8.When he was a baby, where did Jesus' parents take Him to protect Him from Herod?
10.Which gospel author (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) was a doctor?
13.Which gospel tells us the most about John baptizing Jesus?
14.John's message was that people should ____________.

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