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Canada's International Connections

The learning goal is that by successfully completing this crossword, you'll obtain a greater understanding of the many international connections, which Canada has established with many countries around the world.

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4.A corporation, like Barrick Gold Corp. that operates in many countries throughout the world
6.Uses tariffs and rules to restrict imports
7.An import tax imposed on goods imported into Canada to protect Canadian industries
12.A country has imported more goods/services than it has sold in exports
13.An organization that is not governmental, which provides a wide arrange of foreign aid
14.Military assistance, via UN that functions as an int'l police force or conflict mediator
15.Product or service produced in one country for sale in another country
1.Promotes, directs and coordinates health related activities where needed around the world
2.The difference between export and import values
3.Came into effect in 1947 to promote trade between its members
5.Product that is brought into a country from another country
7.A country has imported less goods/services than it has sold in exports
8.Gov'ts of developed countries provide for under-developed countries in need
9.To trade between countries without tariff barriers
10.Provides emergency relief aid and promotes the needs and role of children
11.Canada, U.S.A. & Mexico are the present member countries

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